Woman Defies Odds to Find Niche in Detergent Making

Woman Defies Odds to Find Niche in Detergent Making


BROUGHT up in a pastorarist setting; Fatuma Abdi knew no other lifestyle than one characterized by shifts in residence, searching for pastures what led to failure to pursue formal education.

Her relocation and marriage at a tender age of 19 exposed her to another challenge – joblessness. She was a housewife while her husband did not have a stable source of income either.

She recalls her efforts in helping fend for the family. According to her, it was difficult getting a job owing to her illiteracy and lack of skills training.
“I was hopeless, not knowing what to do in supporting my husband in bringing up our four children. She says.
She heard of an opportunity from a friend and chose to try it out. It was a training targeting young people who had dropped out of school – to train them in home-based detergent making.

Few weeks into the trade not only exposed her to the manufacturing process but the ready market for the products. A tender to supply soap to a nearby mosque that earns her a profit of Sh.500 has encouraged her to think of trying out other products – especially juice making.
She is part of an initiative by K-YES and Hashash (a Non-Governmental Organization in the area to train youth in processing of products for home and industrial use.
Over 40 girls have benefited from the development and like Fatuma, they using their gained skills to transform their lives and inspire their communities.

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